From Shame to Grace: A new way of looking at a beloved Bible story


Have you ever imagined what may have happened in the life of that well-known Bible character we simply call “the woman at the well”? Were her early years filled with sinful choices (as most Bible readers have assumed) or with abuse and brokenness?

Author Margo Holmes brings this unnamed woman to life, out of the pages of Scripture, naming her Sheina and speculating what her past might have been like—before meeting Jesus.

As you journey through this heart-warming story, you will share Sheina’s anguish, her despair, and her shame, and possibly feel a new sense of compassion toward her.

In the process, hopefully, you will also learn two important lessons: first, that we need to quit being so quick in judging others, and second, there is hope for anyone who worships at the eternal well that never runs dry!