I Will Remember


My extraordinary experiences of God’s boundless love


God does extraordinary things in the lives of ordinary people. His love toward each of us is unfathomable. He desires to extend His influence into every corner of our existence. We may consider ourselves just common people, but God pours out on those who love Him uncommon attention. He even declares we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”—and that is a lifelong process (Psalms 139:14).

As you reach each chapter, you will discover this is not just fanciful thinking; it’s true—and fresh faith will be awakened in your heart that your everlasting Father will move in your life, too, in miraculous ways—as an expression of His mercy and His grace.

I thank God daily that He gave me the perfect partner on this amazing journey. Together, Bill and I have experienced God’s supernatural intervention. Our passion is to share this wonderful knowledge, that others might experience His awesome love and power too.