Elizabeth Shreve

Elizabeth Shreve is a self-proclaimed lover of life. She loves Jesus and loves working with people as they discover Him, worship Him with their lives, and experience this wonderful adventure called life. As a college student, she experienced God shaking up her “plan” and her perspective on everything…and she discovered His plan and perspective were much bigger and better (notice this does not say easier or more comfortable) than her plan! Helen Keller said it this way – “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” It has always been her goal to experience this abundant life that the Lord has given to the fullest. 

Her unique view on Scripture, friendship and growth allows her to reach people on their level.

Elizabeth has worked with youth and women of all ages. She is continually blown away by the opportunities God has given her to be part of what He is doing in the lives of His people.

Elizabeth’s passion is studying and teaching the Word of God, encouraging women with laughter, and connecting with people at the heart level. She believes that the abundant life is simply: Jesus abiding in us, walking in the assurance of God’s sovereignty, and knowing He will use everything for our ultimate good and for His glory!

She holds a doctorate in theology. But she feels that her greatest accomplishments are being a wife and mother. She married her best friend, Mike Shreve, on December 19, 1989. They believe in the covenant commitment of marriage and the sober and awesome responsibility of parenting. Their strong commitment to each other is a reflection of their belief that the strength of the church as a whole is often dependent on the strength of the family unit. 

When she ministers, Elizabeth’s message reflects her heart’s desire to go beyond ‘church as usual’ and experience God in deep spiritual intimacy. She also emphasizes practical truths from God’s Word that promote character-building and build faith in the hearts and lives of those who hear.