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Excellently written books have the power to effect real transformation in the hearts and lives of those who read them. Mike Shreve has written 17 books, three of which have been #1 bestsellers on Amazon. He covers a wide range of subjects, from apologetics and comparative religion to unique, enlightening themes in the Word of God. Elizabeth Shreve’s new book is a heart-grabber, encouraging and empowering those who are struggling in life. 

The Beliefs of the Catholic Church

The Beliefs of the Catholic Church provides the biblical response to every major Catholic doctrine, including: the belief that the Catholic Church is the one true church, the authority of the pope, an exclusive priesthood, infant baptism, the sacrament of confession, the sacrament of confirmation, praying to the saints, purgatory, indulgences, devotion to Mary, the belief of transubstantiation (holy communion) and much more.

If you are Catholic, this book will help you examine your faith. If you are not a Catholic, but you want to learn more about Catholicism, this book will give you a thorough overview of its doctrines, practices, and traditions, comparing them to Scripture.


In Search of the
True Light

IN SEARCH OF THE TRUE LIGHT is an in-depth comparison of over 20 religions. It also chronicles Mike Shreve’s spiritual journey out of yoga and far eastern mysticism into an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Most importantly, it offers a loving, biblical response to many far eastern and new age doctrines like: reincarnation, the divinity of man and endless cycles of the universe, gently guiding the reader into the revelation of the True Light.


Dynamic Declarations of Who You Are in Christ 


Throughout their lives, many people struggle to fit in, find their reason for existence, and truly know who they are. For children of God, this does not need to be the case.

There are hundreds of names and titles in the Bible that describe the people of God. Studying these names will give you a powerful, panoramic view of who you are in Christ. Each title reveals what your purpose is presently and also the destiny that is unfolding before you—both in this world and the world to come.

65 Promises from God for Your Child

Parenting can be challenging—sometimes even overwhelming. But God is on your side! He has given us promises for our children—things He pledges to do for them—if we pray and believe. 65 Promises From God for Your Child gives you the specifics, showing you how to pray and confess the 65 Biblical pledges for your offspring in areas such as mercy, covenant, peace, salvation, spiritual growth, angelic protection, provision-and much, much more. More than just a blessing, praying these promises could be the pivot on which the future of your family turns. This book is a powerful tool for parents who are seeking the face of God for miraculous changes in the lives of their children. Many intercessory groups go through this book over a period of weeks, praying over the children in their congregations.

I Cried A River

What happens when your world falls apart? When you are healthy one day and sick the next? When you are planning a vacation one day, then without warning, planning emergency surgery?
Life can be a roller coaster ride. We must learn to enjoy what we can, scream when we must, and hold on for dear life—yes, hold on for “dear life.”

In this book, you will walk the journey of diagnosis, desperation, and defeat. But then you will turn the corner and walk the journey of faith, laughter, promises, divine visitations, awakened courage, and an unhindered destiny.

Most of all, you will be convinced that faith wins over fear—always!

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope!” Jeremiah 29:11

25 Powerful Promises from God

There are 7,487 promises in God’s Word—unbending pledges He has made to His covenant people that are designed to give you victory in every circumstance.

In this unique book, you will discover 25 primary promises that open the door to the supernatural power of God, miraculous breakthroughs and real spiritual transformation in your life.

Once you realize the commitments God has already made, you will be praising Him in advance for the fulfillment of His promises, instead of reminding Him of the problems you are facing. This is the most powerful and effective way to pray and live!

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