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When ministering in churches, Mike Shreve normally teaches on the spiritual identity of believers (who we are "in Christ") by exploring names and titles God has given us in His Word. 


Sunday morning services and outreach gatherings--On Sunday mornings or in outreach gatherings, Mike Shreve normally ministers on subjects geared toward a divine visitation, a spiritual awakening, true heaven-sent revival, seizing the hearts of both those who have already acknowledged the Lord and those who have not yet taken that step. Sometimes, this involves ministering on one of the names or titles for God's people that convey a very heart-gripping, convicting message. When appropriate, he may weave his testimony of deliverance from yoga, eastern religions, and the new age into the presentation.

Sunday evening services are often referred to as "A Night of Miracles"--with a strong emphasis on healing (both body and soul). 

Extended meetings (3-7 days)--a series of meetings gives the opportunity for people to go deeper in God and have a powerful, ongoing experience with the Lord's presence that brings real transformation. There have been times when there was such an "awakening" of grace that the meeting continued on for a lengthy period of time.

Following the ministry of the Word, the emphasis is normally on praying through, an outbreak of praise and worship, healing, miracles, the prophetic and a move of the Holy Spirit.

Altar time is always a major emphasis, cultivating a prayerful, God-seeking atmosphere that lends itself to genuine, supernatural encounters with the heavenly Father.

SATURDAY SEMINAR SESSIONS (a possible feature):

  1. "Discover Your Spiritual Identity "--This seminar is based on Mike Shreve's book that showcases this powerful revelation: WHO AM I? Dynamic Declarations of Who You Are in Christ. On a Saturday, three to five sessions can be held, teaching on various names and titles belonging to the people of God. This is not dry. There is always a very exciting and edifying atmosphere. It truly ushers in a deeper appreciation among attendees of the depth of what God has done.

  2. "Discover the Promises of God"--This seminar is based on Mike's #1 best-selling book on Amazon, 25 Powerful Promises from God. Three to five sessions can be held on various categories of promises (healing promises, faith promises, spoken word promises, etc.). The exact content of the teachings is not always predictable, because the meetings are bathed in prayer and the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit rules. 

  1. "Developing a Powerful Prayer Life"--This series of teachings is based on Mike's #1 best-selling book on Amazon, Powerful Promises for Supernatural Results. In each session we study one of those prayers in Scripture that brought the most powerful response from God.


Normally, Mike Shreve's background in eastern religions, and his knowledge of world religions, is not an emphasis in evangelistic meetings. However, he can use an entire service to share his testimony: how he was a teacher of yoga at four universities and ran a yoga ashram until the fall of 1971 when an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ radically changed his heart and mind and worldview. When this subject matter is the theme, time can be taken to compare key issues from a New Age worldview to the biblical worldview he now embraces. 


Dr. Shreve has spoken in numerous conferences over the past five decades including a worldwide evangelism conference put on by R.W. Schambach and six conferences in Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles Celebration conducted by the Christian Embassy, as well as many ministerial groups and Bible school convocations.

If you are interested in having Mike Shreve speak at your church or conference, call: 423-478-2843 or email him at