Bible Reading Plans

5day-PowerfulPromisesofGod-smPOWERFUL PROMISES FROM GOD

5 Day Plan

There are 7,487 promises in the Bible, specific things God assures His people He will perform in their lives. This five-day, Bible study focuses on some of the most powerful divine pledges of miraculous intervention and spiritual transformation. Each study also contains a “Power Proclamation” that will help you confess and claim what is rightfully yours as a child of God. It could be the key to a real supernatural breakthrough for you. Don't pray the problems; pray the promises.

Based on Mike Shreve’s best-selling book, 25 Powerful Promises From God

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7day-PromisesFromGodforYourChild-smPROMISES FROM GOD FOR YOUR CHILD

7 Day Plan

God has given you promises for your children -- 65 specific things He pledges to do for them, if you walk with Him and if you pray and believe His Word. This devotional will show you how to lay claim to these unique biblical promises and believe that God will be faithful to provide mercy, peace, spiritual growth, angelic protection, and much more for your children. Don't pray the problems; pray the promises.


Based on Mike Shreve’s best-selling book, 65 Promises From God for Your Child 

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10 Day Plan

As you learn the names and titles God has given you in His Word (and there are hundreds), you will discover the answer to that question that echoes within all of us—“WHO AM I?” Then you can far-more-boldly walk in the roles God has assigned to you. In this study you will learn what it is to be: Ambassadors of Christ, The Called, Children of Promise, the Church, Disciples, Heirs of the Grace of Life, Heirs of the Kingdom, the Redeemed of the Lord, and Witnesses.

This has been a primary ministry theme for over 30 years, the revelation of our spiritual identity. This deeply moving concept was initially offered in an 8-volume series of books titled Our Glorious Inheritance, The Revelation of the Titles of the Children of God, which is presently in the stage of being re-edited and republished.


Based on Mike Shreve's insightful book, Who Am I? Dynamic Declarations of Who You Are in Christ

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