The "Two Commandments"

The Two Commandments of the New Covenant (Framed Print)

The Two Commandments of the New Covenant (Framed Print)



5x7 (no matte) $19.99 plus $10 S&H (desktop version)

8x10 (with matte) $29.99 plus $12 S&H

11x14 (with matte) $49.99 plus $14 S&H

16x20 (with matte) $69.99 plus $15 S&H

MATERIALS—Our framed versions are high quality wood with a plexiglass cover over the picture.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING—Shipping & Handling prices are only for destinations within the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii). If you are ordering from those two states or outside of the United States, please call or email for shipping and handling charges (423-478-2843 / info@deeperrevelationbooks).

DESKTOP VERSION — The 5x7 size with no matting is suitable for desktops or shelves and comes with an attached stand.

LARGER SIZES—Larger sizes are available by special order. Call the office of Deeper Revelation Books for an estimate: 423-478-2843.

BROCHURE—All pictures come with one copy of the full-color 3"x 5" brochure that explains this powerful "two commandments" revelation---how God has taken His people from external demands (under the Old Covenant) to internal transformation (under the New Covenant).

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of framed prints.

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