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25 Powerful Promises from God

25 Powerful Promises from God

There are 7,487 promises in God's Word—unbending pledges He has made to His covenant people that are designed to give you victory in every circumstance.

In this unique book, you will discover 25 of the most powerful promises ever spoken by God in His Word. These amazing pledges open the door to supernatural manifestations, miraculous breakthroughs and real evidence of divine intervention in your life.

Some of the promises include:

• Impartation of divine revelation
• Angelic intervention
• Healing for your body, soul and spirit
• The hundredfold return
• Inheriting God's kingdom
• Turning curses into blessings
• Dreams, visions and the gift of prophecy
• How to move the mountains in your life
• Weapons of warfare that are mighty through God
   And much more!

Once you realize the commitments God has already made, you will be praising Him in advance for the fulfillment of His promises, instead of reminding Him of the problems you are facing. This is the most powerful and effective way to pray and live!

"This book will make you invincible!"
(Sid Roth, Host of "It's Supernatural!")

"This book...can be the catalyst for your own faith renewal--your personal revival."
(Donna Schambach, daughter of R.W. Schambach)

"This book is a life changer!! I highly recommend it!"
(Robert D’Andrea, President, Christian Television Network) 

"Mike reminds us that God is the author of Truth, and His promises can be counted on now and forever."
(Phil Cooke, Ph.D., filmmaker, media consultant, author)


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