The Feasts of the Lord

The Feasts of the Lord

In Leviticus 23, God gave specific instructions for seven feasts. They were to be celebrated on a yearly basis among the Israelite people.

The three primary feasts are:

                     * THE FEAST OF PASSOVER

                     * THE FEAST OF PENTECOST

                     * THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES

All these feasts point back to something God did in the past (like Passover memorializing the day when the Israelites’ firstborn sons were spared from death by the blood of a lamb applied to their doorposts).

The feasts also point forward to things God will yet do in the future (like Passover prophetically foreshadowing the crucifixion of the true Lamb of God).

When you discover the rich typology of the feasts, three primary things happen: (1) You see an amazing, panoramic view of God’s plan for mankind; (2) You comprehend the mystery of how the mind of God works: in layers of profound, symbolic revelation; (3) You rediscover the depth of your value and purpose in the sight of heaven.

When you deeply study the "feasts of the Lord," you enjoy and spiritual "feast" from the Lord. Enjoy!


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