Seven Reasons I No Longer Practice Yoga

Seven Reasons I No Longer Practice Yoga

I am often asked the question, "Is it alright for Christians to practice yoga?" My response is always in the negative. Inevitably, someone will say, "But what about groups out there that claim to teach Christian Yoga?" My answer is almost always, "That's an oxymoron. There is no such thing as "Christian" yoga. It is more than a physical exercise regimen; it is a spiritual practice rooted in Hinduism." 

In 1970, I was a teacher of Kundalini Yoga at four universities in Florida. I also ran a yoga ashram in Tampa, Florida (a commune where people study yoga on a more intense level). I was radically converted to Christianity in one day's time and God brought me out supernaturally. Since then, I have NEVER practiced yoga, not even the simplest and most fundamental aspects of yoga involving physical poses and breathing exercises. There are seven reasons why I have totally disassociated myself from this practice, which I explain in this mini-book.

I urge you to get several copies of this booklet and share it with friends and family, especially those who might be involved in yoga. In Sanskrit, the word yoga means "yoke" and it implies being yoked with God----however, the biblical concept of God is completely different than the concept of God found in Hinduism (which is the root of yoga). In biblical Christianity, God is personal (a triune being comprised of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit); in Hinduism, God is an impersonal force that manifests in 330,000,000 gods and goddesses.

Also, in Hinduism, yoga is used as a supposed means of achieving "God-consciousness," however, in that world view, "God consciousness" means having a conscious awareness that YOU ARE GOD---which is altogether opposite to the truth.

Yoga is everywhere. You see it on television programs, in advertisements, and in entertainment. Some schools have even started offering it in their physical education programs. I personally believe that yoga classes and studios are one of the main means by which new age spirituality is permeating our culture. Though many propose that yoga does not promote any particular religion, still it is based on a world view that embraces pluralism---the erroneous idea that all religions are different paths to God.

On the contrary, Jesus declared:

     "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me" (Jn. 14:6).

Anything that robs Jesus of His position of Lordship should never be embraced by any believer. After you read this powerful presentation, I feel certain you will agree with me.

This booklet is most effective for Christians who feel yoga is a harmless practice. For yoga advocates who do not claim to be Christian, it would be better to purchase two other books by Mike Shreve, In Search of the True Light (336 pages--a comparison of over 20 religions) or the mini-book of Mike Shreve's testimony, titled, The Highest Adventure: Encountering God. 

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