Shulamite Bride. The (8 CDs)

Shulamite Bride. The (8 CDs)

The Song of Solomon is probably the most mysterious, beautiful, and poetical book in the Bible. In it, the bride of Christ is symbolized as the Shulamite, the bride of the royal Shepherd-Bridegroom.

Many heart-warming and inspiring titles are given to God's people in this book that bring forth powerful revelations of what the bride is called to be, such as: The Shulamite Bride, Lily Among Thorns, His Dove, His Spouse, His Garden, A Company of Two Armies, A Seal Upon His Heart, and The Dance of Mahanaim.

This series of eight hours of teaching will unveil the mystery of this glorious revelation. It will saturate and permeate your heart with the awakening of the "bride spirit." You will come out of the experience understanding this amazing book in all its many metaphors, similes and colorful symbols, but more importantly, this teaching will lift you into a new level of intimacy with God. To you God is saying now:

"Arise, my beloved."

These messages are drawn from the book series by Mike Shreve titled Our Glorious Inheritance that explores the revelation of over 1,000 names and titles God has given His offspring.


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