Priesthood of the Believer (3 DVDs)

Priesthood of the Believer (3 DVDs)

In the Old Testament God chose one tribe, the tribe of Levi, to minister to Him at the Tabernacle and one family in that tribe, the house of Aaron, to fill the role of priests, drawing near to Him in the holy place.

Now all believers are chosen to fill this priesthood role and to walk in intimacy with God. In this series of messages, Mike Shreve unveils this amazing mystery as he explores the deep prophetic details of the initiation of the priests, the clothing of the priests, the responsibilities of the priests, and the activities of the priests under the Old Covenant. All of these things foreshadowed, in profound ways, our priesthood calling under the New Covenant.

First Peter 2:5 and 2:9 declare that every member of the church to be "a holy priesthood" and "a royal priesthood." As you study this truth, your heart will be gripped with the dual honor we have received as "priests": first, of our high privilege of ministering to God, and second, our high calling of being His representatives in this world.

These three hour-long teachings will pull back the veil on an amazing aspect of our inheritance as sons and daughters of God.


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