Names and Titles of the Holy Spirit (3 CDs)

Names and Titles of the Holy Spirit (3 CDs)

Jesus ascended into heaven in order to send the Holy Spirit into the hearts and lives of his disciples. He promised "the Comforter" would come (translated "the Helper" in many modern translations). This outpouring of the Holy Spirit transformed doubting and fearful followers into world-changes and history-makers. The same thing can happen to you.

The Holy Spirit has multiple functions indicated by various names and titles, such as: the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of holiness, the Spirit of faith, the Spirit of love, the Spirit of glory, the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, and the Spirit of counsel and might. As you learn the names of the Holy Spirit, you will position yourself for greater empowerment from on high!

You should also grow in intimacy with the Holy Spirit and walk in a greater depth of the anointing. You will probably find yourself using these names for the precious Holy Spirit when you pray, and claiming the manifestation of these particular expressions of the Spirit of God. Each name and title is explained in depth. Get ready for a Spirit-filled, spiritual encounter!


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