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In Search of the True Light

In Search of the True Light

In Search of the True Light is an in-depth comparison of over 20 religions. It also chronicles Mike Shreve's spiritual journey. Most importantly, it addresses certain far eastern and new age doctrines like: reincarnation, the divinity of man and endless cycles of the universe, guiding the reader into the revelation of the True Light.

The chapter outline is as follows:

Part 1: The Quest of Every Heart--This chapter highlights the commonalities found in various religions of the world.

Part 2: Worldviews Contrasted--This chapter compares the beliefs of over 20 religions in seven main doctrinal areas and assesses the contradictions.

Part 3: Monumental Moments--This chapter focuses on Mike Shreve's personal story, how he pursued truth through eastern religions and new age spirituality, and how he became a teacher of Kundalini Yoga at four universities until an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ radically changed his heart, his life, and his worldview.

Part 4: Striking the Touchstone--This chapter presents 30 common questions about religion and spirituality and answers with the biblical point of view. Issues are addressed such as: reincarnation, karma, the divinity of man, universal cycles, and Ultimate Reality being an impersonal cosmic energy.

Part 5: Identifying the True Light--This chapter celebrates the answer to man's quest for enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment: the Lord Jesus Christ, the door to eternal life.

This book is very helpful to Christians who want to understand world religions and effectively communicate their faith to followers of other religious paths. It also makes a perfect gift for those who are searching through new age spirituality or far eastern religions to find the truth. It presents the Gospel in a very loving and gentle way.

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ISBN: 978-0-942507-73-7


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