End Time Prophecies (1 DVD)

End Time Prophecies (1 DVD)

Did three kings come from the Orient to visit the baby Jesus in Bethlehem? Is "666" the mark of the beast? Does the phrase "falling from grace" mean backsliding? The answer to all three of these questions is "No!" Yet these are common beliefs--based on tradition, but not the Bible. Scripture never tells us they were kings or that there were three of them--it just says "wise men" came from the east (Matthew 2:1). The number "666"--that's not the mark of the beast, it's the "number of his name" (Revelation 13:17-18). And "falling from grace": that's not backsliding into unrighteousness; quite the contrary, it's striving for righteousness by the law. (See Galatians 5:1-4)

I'm sure you can see how easy it is to embrace wrong beliefs, just because they are popular or traditional. The same is true concerning prophecies of the last days, the coming of the LORD and the catching away of the saints. Is the church going to be "raptured" seven years before the end of the age or will we pass through the tribulation period and experience a greater outpouring of the glory of God than the world has ever seen?

You need sound Biblical answers on this essential subject and other related issues. God is about to open your eyes to a whole new realm of prophetic insights! You may be quite surprised that some of the things you have believed about the last days are traditional, but not biblical.

Are you ready for the truth? Are you willing to embrace it once it is proven by Scripture? If you can answer "Yes" to those two questions, you are ready for this message.


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