Who Am I? Endorsements

From the moment you begin reading Who Am I? you are drawn a vivid picture of how God truly sees you. It is a magnificent, captivating journey that will increase your desire to discover each new dimension of who you are.

—Carl Stephens
Pastor, Faith Assembly
Orlando, Florida

One of the greatest challenges in our culture today is identity. We’re torn by identity politics, and university classrooms teaching gender, racial, or ethnic identity are packed with students searching for meaning in who they are. Now Mike Shreve has uncovered the roots of our real identity—what God calls us. In his book Who Am I? you’ll discover exactly who you are from God’s perspective, and you’ll never look at your life, your purpose, or your destiny the same way again.

—Phil Cooke
Television Producer, Media Consultant
Author, One Big Thing

I have known Mike Shreve for about thirty years. After coming out of a cult and into the glorious light of God, he has never looked back. Both sinner and saint will reap bountifully from this anointed book—from the abundant scripture in the book plus all of the scripture at the end of each chapter. This book will revolutionize your life when you realize all God has done for us!

—Dr. Robert D’Andrea
Founder and CEO, Christian Television Network

As the family of God, we are about to embark on a glorious new wave of Holy Spirit power. Mike Shreve’s book Who Am I? provides the scriptural decrees that establish our God-intended identity to receive our rightful inheritance as children of God. Bob and I are thankful for Mike’s diligence, passion, and boldness to embrace the richness of God’s design that is available to each one of us! We highly endorse this book to help us as believers to awaken to our true spiritual identity—let’s effectively prepare our hearts for the manifest presence of God on this earth!

—Audrey and Bob Meisner
TV Hosts, My New Day
Best-Selling Authors, Marriage Undercover
This book and these dynamic declarations will make you normal. Normal as defined by the Bible!

—Sid Roth
Host, It’s Supernatural!

I absolutely love books that are based solidly on the true teaching of Scripture rather than on personal opinion or experience. In his book Who Am I? Mike Shreve does not disappoint. Carefully identifying scriptural names and terms of God’s own people—from cover to cover, Genesis to Revelation—Mike builds the divine basis for identity and purpose for every believer to embrace. Particularly in our broken and tormented generation, when individuals by the millions have been born into families that abused, abandoned, or rejected them, this book will be a powerful tool in God’s hand to restore their brokenness and daily forge them into kingdom people, prepared to do exploits!

—Donna J. Schambach
Schambach Ministries International

My friend and brother Mike Shreve has a God-given ability to dig up from the Scriptures pearls and diamonds, which he then causes to shine through his writings. May we all who read these pearls of truth dare to wear them, causing us to become all that the Lord in His great, great love has called us to be!

—Jan Willem van der Hoeven
Director, International Christian Zionist Center
Jerusalem, Israel