Flag of TanzaniaThrough several key individuals who partnered with us, and an alliance with Jerald Malamba and his organization called “Africompassion,” Shreve Ministries recently purchased property in Tanzania that will become an orphanage and school for about 100 students. Most of the children are orphans who will live on the property, who would otherwise never get an education and live a life of degradation on the streets.

There are 12 acres, so there is plenty of growing room to expand. The partially constructed building and property were purchased for a little less than $6,000. Over $10,000 of work has been done so far. Just the basic completion of the building will be approximately $20,000.  After that, rooms will need to be furnished, desks and school items obtained, the water      system built, the kitchen equipped, teachers’ quarters built, the outdoor latrine constructed, and a number of other related items that are a necessary part of this project.

Please pray about sending a special offering for the completion of the school and to help fund a trip to Tanzania in 2018 (to dedicate the orphanage and to conduct an open air crusade and pastors’ seminar). The completion of the school needs to happen as soon as possible because recent government regulations require that we move the school out of a    dilapidated facility we are presently renting into the new building by September of this year.

You can send a check or give by credit card. Click the button below to donate via credit card or PayPal.

We are so excited about the lives that will be changed. Remember the Biblical promise that “He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he has given” (Proverbs 19:17). We claim this for you.

Thank you for helping us so we can help others. We love you in the Lord!