This course will be re-televised at a date yet to be announced in 2014.


From the beginning of the creation, there have been NINE MAJOR COVENANTS established by God in this world: (1) The Edenic Covenant; (2) The Adamic Covenant; (3) The Noahic Covenant; (4) The Abrahamic Covenant; (5) The Mosaic Covenant; (6) The Promised Land Covenant; (7) The Davidic Covenant; (8) The New Covenant, and finally, (9) The Everlasting Covenant.

Students will discover the nature of covenant relationships in two distinct, yet related areas: human covenants and God-authored covenants. The details of human covenantal relationships, as recorded in Scripture actually mirror, in profound depth, the nature of the divinely authored covenants. So by understanding the first, we will more fully comprehend the second. Once this foundation is laid, we will study the first eight covenants individually. Class participants will then climb to the peak of this revelation as we draw from the first eight covenants those elements that will endure everlastingly. Together, these comprise the ninth and final covenant.


The course objective is to impart to each participating student FOUR PRIMARY THINGS:

(1) An in-depth understanding of the nature of covenants;

(2) A heart-felt appreciation of the sacredness, the power and the security that results from entering a covenant relationship with God and with other human beings;

(3) A thorough comprehension of the NINE MAJOR COVENANTS that God, from the beginning of creation, has established with various individuals and groups in this world, and at least FIVE MINOR COVENANTS that have sprung from these major covenants.

(4) A transformational, personal experience resulting in the strengthening of right relationships: family relationships, church relationships, community relationships and most of all, the student's relationship with God. Life is all about relationships. Bad relationships are death-dealing and destructive. True covenantal relationships are life-imparting and a taste of heaven on earth.


Lesson 1      Covenants: Foundational Information

Lesson 2      Human Covenants: a Reflection of the Divine
Lesson 3      The Covenant-Making God
Lesson 4      The Edenic Covenant
Lesson 5      The Adamic Covenant
Lesson 6      The Noahic Covenant
Lesson 7      The Abrahamic Covenant #1
Lesson 8      The Abrahamic Covenant #2
Lesson 9      The Mosaic Covenant #1
Lesson 10    The Mosaic Covenant #2 
Lesson 11    The Promised Land Covenant
Lesson 12    The Davidic Covenant / The Covenant of Mercy #1
Lesson 13    The Davidic Covenant / The Covenant of Mercy #2
Lesson 14    The New Covenant
Lesson 15    The New Covenant #1
Lesson 16     The New Covenant #2
Lesson 17     The New Covenant #3
Lesson 18     The New Covenant #4
Lesson 19     The Everlasting Covenant
Lesson 20     The Salt Covenant


The only text book for this course is the Bible, either the New King James Version or the Authorized King James Version. The teacher will be using the NKJV. A basic outline will also be supplied weekly that the student will be able to use in order to record vital information, insights and revelations. To download NEW outlines you must register as a student, then you will obtain a username and password to access that portion of the website.