About Elizabeth

Marriage: Mike Shreve and Elizabeth Aldridge were married on December 19, 1989. They believe in the covenant commitment of marriage and the sober and awesome responsibility of parenting. Their strong commitment to each other is a reflection of their belief that the strength of the church as a whole is often dependent on the strength of the family unit.

Background: Elizabeth Shreve was born in Jasper, Alabama, November 19, 1962. She was brought up in the truth attending Elm Grove Church of God in Carbon Hill, Alabama. 

Education: She earned an Associate Degree at Walker College in Jasper, Alabama. She then went on to the University of Alabama, but left a few months before receiving a degree in nursing in order to fulfill the will of God and enter full-time ministry. She attended Beacon School and received her Bachelor in Theology degree. 

Ministry Experience: Elizabeth served as a Sunday school teacher at Philadelphia Full Gospel Church of God in Lynn, Alabama, during the year of 1981. She was Assistant Youth Director for three years, 1982-1985, with the United Christian Summer Youth Camp: an intensive, 3-month discipleship summer evangelism training course. She became an Administrative Assistant working with Mike Shreve Ministries, overseeing publishing, mail response, tape duplication department and numerous other responsibilities. She is an effective speaker and singer and has been ministering primarily in various women's groups. Elizabeth has also assisted in and conducted many tour groups to Israel. She is presently Secretary-Treasurer of Shreve Ministries.

Message: Elizabeth's message reflects her heart's desire to go beyond 'church as usual' and experience God in deep spiritual intimacy. She also emphasizes practical truths from God's Word that promote character-building and build faith in the hearts and lives of those who hear.