Everlasting Foundation, An (1 CD) by Mike Shreve

Everlasting Foundation, An (1 CD)

On this CD, Mike Shreve ministers on this amazing title that rests upon the children of God, our calling to be An Everlasting Foundation. In this powerful presentation, he present the following points:

  • The eight foundations in the life of a believer
  • The unconquerable and unshakeable nature of those whose lives are based on these foundations
  • What Job meant when he talked about people whose "foundation is in the dust"
  • Why the last days are described as a time when the "foundations" of the earth will become increasingly unstable
  • What is written in the foundations of the Holy City, New Jerusalem, and what that means to us.

Hearing this message will DEFINITELY help to lay a strong FOUNDATION in your life spiritually'so that you and yours will be able to endure and overcome whatever comes your way in life.

Also available on DVD


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