65 Promises From God for Your Child (4 CDs) by Mike Shreve

65 Promises From God for Your Child (4 CDs)

This insight concerning "65 Promises From God for Your Child" was first brought forth in the book by Mike Shreve (see info below). This CD series is a powerful enhancement to the revelation contained in the book.

These anointed sessions will expand your understanding about how to pray and believe God for mercy, peace, deliverance, salvation, spiritual growth, angelic protection, and divine provision for your children and much more. At the end of each explanation Mike Shreve leads you in intercession---praying and decreeing the manifestation of those divine pledges in the lives of your offspring.


Parenting can be challenging---sometimes even overwhelming. But God is on your side! He has given us promises for our children---things He pledges to do for them---if we pray and believe. 65 Promises From God for Your Child gives you the specifics, showing you how to pray and confess the 65 Biblical pledges for your offspring in areas such as mercy, covenant, peace, salvation, spiritual growth, angelic protection, provision-and much, much more. More than just a blessing, praying these promises could be the pivot on which the future of your family turns.

This book is a powerful tool for parents who are seeking the face of God for miraculous changes in the lives of their children. Intercessory prayer groups should use this book on a regular basis and promote it to the parents in their congregations. It is a perfect gift for new parents or at baby dedications.


Our family has been richly blessed by this book. (Bob and Jane D'Andrea, founder and CEO, Christian Television Network)

Our greatest investment and contribution to the future of our planet is the quality of the children we parent. I highly recommend this work. (Myles Munroe, president and senior pastor, Bahamas Faith Ministries International)

An excellent daily handbook for parents who are serious about following God's directive to lead their children in a godly way.(Donna Schambach, president, Schambach Ministries)

For any parent who needs a reminder of the great future that God has designed for your family, I highly recommend this book. (Matthew Barnett, pastor and co-founder of the Los Angeles Dream Center)

I have begun reading out loud daily one of God's promises from Mike Shreve's book over my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughters. I truly believe this book is an end-time mentoring tool for parents that will bring forth supernatural results. (Sid Roth, Host of It's Supernatural!)

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