Worship is Warefare! (1 CD) by Mike Shreve

Worship is Warefare! (1 CD)

Worship is Warfare! That sounds a little intense, but it is true.  With the slaying of Abel warfare began. Quite possibly, it was not really Cain slaying Able over sibling rivalry; it was evil spirits using Cain as their vehicle to stop true worhsip from ascending to heaven. Since then great spiritual warfare has raged around this planet and only those who know how to worship emerge victorious.

Jehoshaphat had the gall to send men on a battlefield against five armies armed with nothing but instruments of music and praise to God. The Lord of hosts defended them supernaturally and the enemy was defeated. This will all build to a peak in the last days when the worship of the Anti-Christ will bring swift judgments crashing down on this planet. Yes, from the beginning to the end of this world as we know it, those who are enlightened also know that "Worship Is Warfare."


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