Riches and Prosperity (2 CDs) by Mike Shreve

Riches and Prosperity (2 CDs)

Psalm 22 gives amazing prophetic details concerning the crucifixion of Jesus. Then it concludes, "ALL OF THE PROSPEROUS OF THE EARTH shall eat and worship."

Another version says, "ALL THE RICH OF THE EARTH shall feast and worship."

What is this spiritual "feast" God spreads before us? It is the eating of Jesus' flesh (a symbol for God's Word) and the drinking of His blood (a symbol for God's Spirit). By these two influences in our lives, we prosper beyond measure. We are made rich in the ways that matter most. Yes, the posperity and the riches upon which we will focus are spiritual and eternal. You will discover that you truly are wealthy beyond measure!

This message is drawn from the book series by Mike Shreve titled Our Glorious Inheritance that explores the revelation of over 1,000 names and titles God has given His offspring.


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