Not Ashamed (1 CD) by Mike Shreve

Not Ashamed (1 CD)

The first mention of this concept is in Genesis 2:25, "And they [Adam and Eve] were both naked, the man and his wife, and were NOT ASHAMED." Why? Because the glory of the Lord was their covering and their hearts were pure. With the fall came the contamination of the soul and the shame that inevitably follows.

The word shame has been defined as:
  (1) A painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt;
  (2) A condition of humiliating disgrace;
  (3) Something that brings reproach or great loss;
  (4) Something resulting from a sense of embarrassment, unworthiness or inferiority.

We have all felt shame, to lesser or greater degrees, and we must all learn how to conquer it. God says, "I counsel you to buy from me white garments, that you may be clothed, that the SHAME of your nakedness may not be revealed'' (Rev. 3:18) What are these "white garments" and how do you "buy" them? You are about to find out, and you are about to be liberated from shame, forever!


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