Mystery of the Tree of Life, The (1 DVD) by Mike Shreve

Mystery of the Tree of Life, The (1 DVD)

The TREE OF LIFE is definitely a mystery. Most assuredly, it was and is both a literal object and a highly prophetic and metaphorical symbol in Scripture. Not only is it located in the center of the Garden of Eden, it should be central to our understanding of God's purposes for man. In this unique teaching, you will discover:

  • The multi-faceted contrast between the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

  • The reason Adam and Eve were thrust out of Eden

  • The symbol of the Flaming Sword

  • The explanation of the Cherubim

  • The ten times the Tree of Life is mentioned in Scripture and the progressive revelation that unfolds

  • The ultimate climax of the Tree of Life in the book of Revelation

This will be a teaching you will never forget!

Also available as a CD.


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