My Spiritual Journey (1 DVD) by Mike Shreve

My Spiritual Journey (1 DVD)

Seeking Ultimate Reality, Mike Shreve turned to eastern religions. Eventually he became a teacher of Kundalini Yoga at four universities. Then a supernatural encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ dramatically changed his heart, life and belief system.

On this DVD Mike Shreve shares his journey from Kundalini Yoga to Christianity in an informative lecture at a Bible School. You will benefit from the insightful comparison between the biblical worldview and eastern religions. This presentation will appeal to believers and non-believers alike, as he responds to questions like:

Are all religions different paths to the same God?
Are all names given to God equally legitimate?
Is Ultimate Reality a personal God or an impresonal cosmic energy?
Is truth subjective or objective?
Did the crucifixion of Jesus merely display at-one-ment with God or provide atonement for sin? And much more...


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