Much More (1 CD) by Mike Shreve

Much More (1 CD)

Great truths are highlighted throughout the Bible using the phrase "much more"! All are powerful, confidence building scriptures.

Jesus explained that if the Father clothes the grass of the field as beautifully as He does, "how much more will He clothe you!" He also emphasized that if we human beings know how to give good gifts to our children, "how much more" will the Father give "good things to those who ask" (Matthew 6:30, 7:11).

You will learn about the superiority of the New Covenant, the abundant availability of grace, the sovereignty of God in tough times, and His amazing plan for Israel in the last days--and much, much more.

Yes, much more that you would initially expect is found in this fabulous teaching. It's time for you to experience much more from God in your life. Hear it! Claim it! Confess it! Possess it!


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