Favor of God (1 CD) by Mike Shreve

Favor of God (1 CD)

When Joseph was falsely accused and thrown in prison, God gave him FAVOR in the sight of the keeper of the prison, and he was placed over the whole prison. Centuries later, after 430 years of bondage, God gave the Israelites FAVOR in the sight of their Egyptian captors and they enriched them with gold and silver ornaments and precious garments just before their exodus into the wilderness.

At the beginning of the New Testament, a young Jewish virgin girl named Mary was described as HIGHLY FAVORED and she became the very mother of the Son of God. How amazing!

Those who have GOD'S FAVOR are overshadowed by a divine plan that dictates their destiny, propels them into purpose, opens the windows of heaven over their livesĀ and causes all things to work together for their good.
This revelation will empower you to EXPECT THE MIRACULOUS in your life!


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