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Holy Spirit: Dove, Wind and Fire

on May 19, 2013 | Mike |

Have you ever wondered why the Holy Spirit came to Jesus in the form of a DOVE, but He came to the disciples in the form of WIND AND FIRE? Because the form in which the Spirit came represented the mysterious way He intended to manifest Himself—the exact opposite of what would logically be expected in the natural.

JESUS WAS GOD ON EARTH. He was the HIGHEST AUTHORITY in the universe walking in this world. So you would expect the anointing in Him to be forceful, intimidating, overpowering, unpredictable and uncontrollable—like wind and fire from above. Instead the Holy Spirit flowed through Him in peacefulness, gentleness, forgiveness and mercy. Like a docile dove, He was meek and lowly of heart—even with enemies He could have crushed in a moment. He made Himself vulnerable instead. He refused to retaliate—like a dove. That was the enigma, the mystery of the matter.

On the contrary, the disciples in the upper room were already fearful, intimidated and deeply concerned—for their leader had just been executed. They felt insufficient and very vulnerable. So the Spirit came to produce the opposite, turning docile, dove-like men and women into powerful and victorious agents of change, full of authority, consumed with FIRE and propelled forward into their destiny by the WIND OF HEAVEN. Once again, it is the mystery of opposites—the mystery of the manifestation.

In both cases, the Spirit of God brought forth the exact opposite of what you would expect. I have found out---God likes to do that.