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Conquering Fear

on Jul 1, 2012 | Elizabeth |

Mike and Elizabeth

Conquering Fear

When was the last time you took a risk? Not something major and life-threatening, but something that represented a step outside your comfort zone. Can you recall a time recently when you did something that felt uncomfortable for you? If not, get ready to take a major step forward. I read this quote today - A ship in a harbour is safe, but this is not what a ship is built for.

Frequently, in ministry and in life, we get too comfortable. We find solid ground – a place that feel safe– we get comfortable, and we settle in. We’re programmed to do it. It’s how we operate. Look for safety and stay there. But these days, it’s necessary that we act against our programming to truly succeed and find our own greatness.

What’s holding us back? Ultimately, it’s fear. It’s almost always fear. Fear is the number one reason why people stay in their safety zones. It’s why people don’t reach their full potential. It’s why people stop looking for love. It's why ministries are falling apart. But what are we afraid of? After facing fear for several years and talking to others who were letting fear hold them back, I’ve become convinced that when it comes down to stepping outside one’s comfort zone, there are really two things at work for most people: fear of success and fear of failure.

It would be easy for me to say that you just shouldn’t care what others think about you. What they say doesn’t matter, doesn’t define you, has nothing to do with you. I could easily say that. But the problem is that we’re not just subject to the criticism of others when we fail. We still have to face our harshest critic: ourselves. But here’s the secret most people don’t know. You don’t actually have to “conquer” fear. You have to master it. Mark Twain once said, “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” Successful people aren’t people who conquered fear, they’re people who faced fear. They’re people who were afraid and did it anyway. I pray that today you will be a Conqueror.